Talking about OZORA Festival – AJJA interview

We did interview another main guest AJJA!
Please enjoy the interview with videos and pictures!!

日本語訳はこちら Japanese translation is here!!

New arrival!! “O.Z.O.R.A. One Day in Tokyo 2019” Warm up mix by AJJA

AJJA interview

Q1. Year after year, you have continued to perform at the OZORA Festival and are now virtually resident artists there. Please tell us your story from the first time you participated, leading up to the present. We would especially like to hear about a particularly memorable year or unforgettable happening(s).

A. I’ve been playing at Ozora every year since 2012, and I have so many unforgettable moments there that it’s hard to choose! One of my favorite Ajja sets was in 2014, the year a lot of my family came to Ozora (including my mother!) and painted on stage while I played. I felt so comfortable and connected to the whole dance floor, I thought I was going to burst with joy! The chill dj sets I played with my wife Tanina Munchkina in the Dome have also been very special for us. And, of course, the closing set from this last edition was just amazing! And I could go on… like I said, too many epic memories to choose from.

Q2. Every year, you play at OZORA not only under your solo name, but as various side projects, too. We feel daring adventures like these are only possible at a festival like Ozora.
As a musician, what kind of place is Ozora to you?

A. Ozora is the supreme melting pot of creativity! Over the years, I have had the privilege of experimenting on the main stage with several different projects. One of the most exhilarating has been “Novelty Engine”, which is basically a free-form improvised instrumental jam with a modular line up of talented musicians. To allow me/us to play on the main stage without knowing what we will do, is the highest level of trust I can think of.

Novelty Engine LIVE at OZORA 2016 is here↓↓↓

Q.3 How was your last One Day in Tokyo – your performance, the party itself, as well as your stay here?

A. I had so much fun! I really love to play in Japan because the energy on the dance floor is always so electrifying. The dancers there are some of the most dedicated and enthusiastic I have ever seen! My stay was most pleasant and I was made to feel at home every minute I spent there.

Last time OZORA Tokyo 2017 pics!!


Q4. What are you looking forward to do while in Tokyo? Also, if there is anywhere outside of Tokyo you want to visit, please tell us where, as well as why.

A. Coming to Japan is always a treat for me as it’s such a fascinating country. Everything is so organized and refined, and I just walk around being amazed by all… A real tourist! I would really like to take the time to visit more of the country in one of my future visits and, of course, I want to go to Mount Fuji, as I love mountains and I have only seen in it on pictures.

Q5. Please tell us about your enthusiasm for One Day in Tokyo 2019, as well as give a message to your Japanese fans.

A. I am really looking forward to being back in Tokyo and in the AgeHa Club (what an amazing venue!). It’s always a pleasure to promote Ozora around the world, and I am honored to be participating once again in the One Day in Tokyo edition. I can’t wait to see you all on January 19. Woo!

AJJA closing set at OZORA 2016 is here↓↓↓!!

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